Sumosonic Output

-= This Is Output =-

Current Releases:

Album, "This Is Sumo" is released by CREATION RECORDS on 26th JANUARY 1998. Catalog number is CRECD 204. Please do make orders at your local record store - you have no idea how much it helps us!


Past Releases:
The first single Come, Friendly Spacemen, released on 5th December 1996 by Creation Records of London, distributed by 3M/VITAL. The catalogue: CRESCD 242.

The single features: Come, Friendly Spacemen, Monks Of Kung Fu, and Come, Friendly Spacemen (version)

There is also a limited-edition vinyl 12" single in the clubs, featuring the long version of Come, Friendly Spacemen alongside re-mixed by Tom Withers of drum n bass combo Override and Johnny Octopus of Octopus Records. The "Sushi" mix is a full on, dark-hearted progressive house tune with an evil bass; the "Jackson Hole" Mix is an insane collision between stadium pop and drum & bass which has to be heard to be believed. The 12" will also feature Monks Of Kung Fu. Any DJ is urged to get in touch with Creation to get a copy.

Come, Friendly Spacemen may be followed by a further single, God's Green Earth.

(Demo) Audio Tracks:
Please note - these versions are demo versions - not what ended up on the release.
These tracks are provided soley for their curiosity factor.
Come, Friendly Spacemen
The Single. Catchy.
Monks Of Kung Fu
B-side to the single. Nice use of Chinese and Tibetan samples.
God's Green Earth
Slow, spooky, sparse beat. Executive summary: "Ain't nobody gonna miss you when you're gone"
Business And Work
Whoooaa! Great beat, greater bassline. "anti-stupidity and environmentally friendly"
Destroy All Monsters
French. Samples. Stupid fun.
Hey, Stoopid!
Sensitive ranting, light beat. Good analogue synth sweeps.
Everything Is Wonderful
The verses are superb, good beat.
Fern, Schnell, Gut
Dunno what this's about. Low freq kick.
Cat's Life
The (somewhat) Luv Song. Nice bleeping synth hook
We Are The Traffic
The beatings live on.
Sweet & light. Appears to concern satellites.
Illegal Video Samples:
1634K Monks of Kung Fu
1461K Sputnik
1655K God's Green Earth
QuickTime videos
(thanks to Ward Travis for converting!)
Illegal MIDI Soundfile:
33K Come Friendly Spacemen
This a midi file of the actual sequence used in the recording.